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Sweet desert pears that are also good for jam and turn a lovely blush pink when reaches setting point.
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Dome (Mar 17 2012)

I am a vegetarian mlseyf ( still use some dairy) Many vegans I know, use pastas, a variety or nuts, fresh vegetables / fruits , soy meats, tofu. ( tofu can be made into a loaf, with spices and veggies like a meatloaf would be) rice mild, rice, cheeses, and rice butters or soy butters., or soy milk and soy cheeses, egg substitutes.for sugars they use honey, mallasses, and fresh sugar cane, to sweeten their desserts, For desserts they make fruit filled jellos, fruits pies, or fruit pizzas with a sugar cookie ( big size) as the crust, or graham cracker crushed up into a crust, Topped with cream cheese,mixed with powdered sugar ( combined together like a frosting) then place a variety of frutis, like manderin oranges, grapes, kiwi, peaches, pineapples etc. It's good.also there is soy breads you can get.Or for a pizza, you can use a pita uncut, place avocado slices on it with tomato, papers, onins or other veggie, then pile on the soy or rice cheeses, for those that still use some dairy, you can place mazzorella cheese ( shredded up) on top to hold it all in place then cook it for 20 mins, to heat everything up and melt the cheeses, For a crisp crust, put the pita in the over for approx 10 mins for placing the topping on it. It's really good and easy to make.I put some google links here for you, look them over, From those sites you can get to others as well.Also kraft, and betty crocker have site on line that you can go to and join their site to get updated on new recipes .Hope you find the type of things you're looking for.VA:F [1.9.10_1130]please wait...VA:F [1.9.10_1130](from 0 votes)

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hkscmom (Mar 17 2012)

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mxzuof (Mar 18 2012)

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ebrljzqqp (Mar 18 2012)

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ilfvlneispu (Mar 19 2012)

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